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merit pay sketch drawingHello folks!! Its’ your favorite Blog host ‘Sketch Painter’ back again! Yeah I know its been a while but I’m back to stir up the pot with this new blog topic. Code name : MERIT PAY.
Woo Wee! I know, I know it’s a strong topic. This is a plan put into the School systems by your “higher Ups” to put the fire under the so called lazy and under achieving teachers.
 On the other hand it puts teacher versus teacher to make for a more hostile environment aka “the Crab in the barrel theory”. Ya can’t trust NOBODY if you want to get paid extra for doing a good job.
Its’ all about test scores and making your students more proficient so the school looks better “ON PAPER”.
Look its hard enough for teachers to do their jobs in certain areas mainly because the environment is not conducive enough to teach in. The lack of resources due to budget cuts i.e. “The rich taking our money and blaming it on the economy” or “The Fear factor of losing your job if you don’t have tenure” Which by the way was done away with because SOME older or should I say “Seasoned Veterans” were lounging instead of teaching our children!
I think the “MERIT PAY” is a gift and a curse to any school system. If you want the school to run smoothly and have hard working teachers to teach your students then you have to win their trust. They need to believe in YOU and your plan “to educate the world one student at a time” I’m not a school teacher but the stories I hear are endless and the BATTLE CONTINUES so keep your eyes and ears open and prepare for anything.
 Oh yeah, please give your input, express your opinions and leave comments in whatever way you want. WE DON’T JUDGE, we leave that for the courts. This is your Blog Host Sketch Painter saying Peace to all! I hope you enjoyed the topic.
Here is an article from Nj.com that speaks on the 190 lucky or should i say diligent teachers who received merit pay this year!

Here's an article from "Jersey Jazzman" of Jerseyjazzman.blogspot.com that 
doesn't like the way things were done to newark veteran teachers. You decide 

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