Slim Suli ART is a dynamic art company created by artist Suliman Onque  (Est. 2004) 

Suliman's vision is to create, connect and expand the art world with the help of his fellow artists and YOU the customers . "if you can imagine it, I can create it." Is the slogan he stands and lives by as an artist. Meaning if you give him your imagination and vision of any art project he will ARTISTICALLY CREATE it for you.  
Slim Suli ART is more than a website it is an art experience that can help and change your life. We specialize in fine art, logo design, graphic art,  illustrations, photoshop, portraits, paintings, wearable art, murals and more.
Slim Suli ART also offers art classes for children and adults.
We appreciate you taking the time to visit  our website. Be sure to stop by often.  We look forward to creating ART for you in the near future!
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