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                               On-Q Comics Presents:  Super Sketch Painter!!!  
       Just another day as our hero "Super Sketch Painter" patrols the Comic book City of Sketch Valley...             

          All is well until...Suddenly he encounters an unfriendly Robot Illustration named ReBoot !!   ReBoot catches Super Sketch Painter by surprize  with his mega blast eye beam!                                    
     Reboot boasts as he feels he has an easy victory over our Hero, but moments later three powerful heroes come join the battle! Umari Warrior, Amaia Princess and Jada Snow Spark come to the rescue! The On-Q Trio!!!                   

      The On-Q Trio use their powers swiftly, hitting Reboot with all they got! Reboot's metal body exploded in seconds.              
 Super Sketch Painter was very grateful for their help. The four heroes  will continue to save all the comic books worlds TOGETHER! 
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