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Dreams: Are they the Real Reality?
Conspiracy Theory pt2 " lets expose them (media)
Artist wanted Dead or alive?
Code name : Conspiracy part1 (Chemtrails)


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Dreams: Are they the Real Reality?

Are Dreams theRealReality?
  1. a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.
  1. experience dreams during sleep.
Hello Dreamers! Its your main man Sketch"Dream Life "Painter here with the latest blog for the moment! Its been a long while since I posted anything new but I really think you will enjoy this one! See everybody dreams. Even if you don't remember them.

Conspiracy Theory pt2 " lets expose them (media)

Hellofellow Conspiracy Theorist! Its me the man with the big flashlight ready to bring light to the false events going on around us! The events that I'm talking about is the Sandy hook Lyings and the Boston Fake BombingALL FAKE AND MADE ONLY TO KEEP YOU IN FEAR AND MORE FEAR! THEN OF COURSE GET YOU TO TRUST THEM WITH YOUR RIGHTS YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE BULLSHIT THAT GETS SPOON FED TO US ON A DAILY BASIS!"
If you venture to You tube you see tons of videos talking about those events but you might have a hard to finding a video that works!

Artist wanted Dead or alive?

 Greetings to all my Canvas Heads!! Its your Art blog host 'Sketch Painter' here again to stir up the paint on the pallets in this great art world! People seemed to like the last Art topic i posted about "New Techonolgy vs. Old fashion Ability" So i wanna give thanks to you Artists and Art Lovers from the bottom of my heart (tear drop slowly falls from my face). 
But enough of that. The topic for this Blog is "Artist: Wanted Dead or Alive?" In hopes to tap in to the sometimes controversial topic for the haves and have nots in the art world, I can't help but wonder if the rules will ever change.

Code name : Conspiracy part1 (Chemtrails)

sketch conspiracy painter color
Psst over here....i gotta keep a low profile. You know they always watchin. You know the alphabet boys, the Big Bros, the ILLooms... Anyway its ya boy Sketch "Conspiracy" Painter here to shed some light on those who choose to stay in the dark. My mission is to enlighten and prepare my readers not put them in fear. This is part one of a three part blog series so keep your mind open to the info i'm givin out. 

Look up in the sky! Its a bird. NO!...but there are many planes...leaving super amounts of CHEMTRAILS!


merit pay sketch drawingHello folks!! Its’ your favorite Blog host ‘Sketch Painter’ back again! Yeah I know its been a while but I’m back to stir up the pot with this new blog topic. Code name : MERIT PAY.
Woo Wee! I know, I know it’s a strong topic. This is a plan put into the School systems by your “higher Ups” to put the fire under the so called lazy and under achieving teachers.
 On the other hand it puts teacher versus teacher to make for a more hostile environment aka “the Crab in the barrel theory”.

(new technology vs. old fashion ability)

sketches blog graphicSketch's Blog #1    "Is the clicking of a mouse putting paint brushes out of business?" (new technology vs. old fashion ability )

Hello artist, bloggers and debaters! This is your blog host "Sketch painter". This is my first blog so be sure to add your input.  Anyway...I often wonder if new technology is overpowering traditional ways of creating art. I do both so I'm kinda neutral to this topic but there can be large battles through out the art world about this.
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