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Conspiracy Theory pt2 " lets expose them (media)

Hello fellow Conspiracy Theorist! Its me the man with the big flashlight ready to bring light to the false events going on around us! The events that I'm talking about is the Sandy hook Lyings and the Boston Fake Bombing ALL FAKE AND MADE ONLY TO KEEP YOU IN FEAR AND MORE FEAR! THEN OF COURSE GET YOU TO TRUST THEM WITH YOUR RIGHTS YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND SMELL THE BULLSHIT THAT GETS SPOON FED TO US ON A DAILY BASIS!"
If you venture to You tube you see tons of videos talking about those events but you might have a hard to finding a video that works! The Bone heads had to cover up their mess so most links don't work. I didnt let that stop me though...lol  Here's one of the videos right here! Sandy Left Hook to the dumb person that fall for this one!
click the link to see what the Boston Marathon Fake BOMBING VIDEO shows!!
There are so many ways that the Bone heads keep their illusions going, but come on people open your eyes and really see whats going on! In the one marathon video the lady in green actually throws an object to an older man right behind her and the man catches it and falls to the ground. (Magic Johnson would have been proud of that no-look pass) This is during the bomb detonation. Smoke and Mirrors! Loud bomb and smoke over here and the real deal is taking place right in front of your face! 

Throughout our country's history you will notice that false flag events are created at the expense of the people. So look at the ones truly responsible for these mind games. Um, well you know their names and where to look for them...and its not in the Want Ads either!

Listen my intelligent people, stop and search yourself for the truth...that inner voice that speaks to you is not v-chip controlled (especially if its telling you the right thing to do) Block out allll the low level mind control frequencies (i.e. radio, t.v., and newspapers)  for at least one week and you'll definitely feel a difference. Don't believe me , just do it for yourself. 

One more thing my super conspiracy theory heroes! do your own research, just because the new says its damn sure doesn't make it true. Stay focused my friend. This is Sketch Conspiracy Painter and I'm out!!! Peace love , more and more love, and truth to all!

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